Payless Smoke Shop is San Diego's Favorite Glass Shop

High quality glass in San diego

We carry the highest quality glass in San Diego including 9mm water pipes, custom blown glass, handheld pipes, and bubblers. All of our glass pipes are durable and affordable so we can provide you with only premium and cutting edge products. If you are looking for unique glass pipes in San Diego made by experience glass blowers, check out Payless Smoke Shop today.

water pipes, bubblers and more

A water pipe filters your dry tobacco by using different percolators in water to both cool down, break up, and filter your smoke for a smoother smoking experience. Our water pipe selection at our College Area smoke shop ranges from large and complex to small and simple to fit your needs. Take a look at our gallery below and come into the store to see our full selection.

Custom glass pipes in san diego

Sometimes you just want something simple and portable that you don't have any trouble storing or transporting. Our custom glass pipes are handpicked and unique giving you the best selection to fit your personality. Whether you want a color changing glass pipe, custom blown pipe, or inexpensive solution, our glass pipes at our San Diego smoke shop will be sure to fit your needs. 

We smoke the competition!

Half the fun of having a custom blown pipe is the unique artistry it communicates. Our pieces are high quality and the craftsmanship in each pipe allows you to find a professionally blown piece that suits your eclectic personality. There is a huge demand for unique blown glass and with the delicate beauty they possess it is easy to see why. Stop by Payless Smoke Shop in San Diego and browse our selection to find your perfect custom pipe.